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Welcome to the Delong family HOME PAGE! ... two retired teachers and a programmer son, who is pursuing a PhD. in Computer Science at the University of Western Ontario.  We are located in the community of Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada, and have enjoyed the benefits of the Internet since about January of 1996. Just click one of our pictures to find out more about us. Reunions are listed below. To learn more about our Town of Clarington, in the Region of Durham, follow these well maintained links, updated by the Durham Personal Computers Users Club:

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our family reunions

2011 Delong Family Reunion - Sunday, August 14 at the Riverview Park and Zoo in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Shelter #2 has been reserved for our use on that day.

For the first time in a good many years, the Delong Family Reunion for did not following the bi-annual pattern for a 2010 reunion. Our usual venue - the Riverview Park and Zoo, in Peterborough - was not available.

Delong Family Reunion/Picnic 2008 - was on August 10, 2008 in Peterborough, Ontario. This older 2006 Invitation (pdf) contains the same event schedule.

Delong Family Reunion/Picnic 2004   August 2004, Peterborough, Ontario.

Here is the four page, folding, 2004 Invitation as a PDF file.

And the Delong Family Newsletter for 2004

And some Photos from the 2004 Reunion Picnic

Delong Reunion 2002 Photos

Delong Reunion 2000  - held at  Beavermead Park Peterborough, Ontario on What a chilly day !!! What's new? -- a CD containing almost 2000 old and new Delong photos.

1998 Delong Family Reunion Newsletter
Loading of the first of these 4 pages will take some time due to the heavy graphical content - because Microsoft Publisher 97 converted text into graphics.)

The 1998 Delong Family Reunion Picnic (Original Invitation)
WAS HELD ON August 23, 1998 in Peterborough, Ontario, CANADA at the Riverview Park and Zoo.