Volume 5 Issue 1

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

August 15, 2004

Letter by William Asa DeLong to his future wife Eva, during the American Civil War.

June 14, 1862    Troy, Dorraphin Co. Kansas

Dear Eva,

As I have a few spare moments, I thought I would commence a Letter to you as perhaps I might get a chance to finish it tomorrow sometime. It seems to take so long for a letter to come that I cannot wait for an answer. I want them to come Quicker and faster and more of them. It seems that the further that I am from you the more I want to see you.

It is morning now of a clear beautiful sunbathed day. Some of the men have gone to lunch and some of them are off in the country looking for Jayhawkers. An organized gang of them is known to infest this country. We have had an opportunity to get a few of them and we hope to

get the rest before long. This is a splendid Country. I can look as far as the eye will reach and not see a tree, nothing but the borderless prairie meets the vision.

It seems a pity that such a country should be convulsed with civil war, but enough of this dearest friend. It makes my heart sad to think what our beloved country is doomed to and to think of the many hearts that are breaking beneath the blow. O Eva, it has been a long time since we saw each other. It has

William Asa DeLong & Evelyn Adell Wilcox
50th Wedding Anniversary, 1914

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