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1998 Delong Reunion Newsletter (PDF file)

1998 Delong Reunion Invitation (PDF file)

Delong Reunion 1998

Peterborough, Ontario, CANADA
Sunday, August 23, 1998
Riverview Park and Zoo
10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

DELONG Family Reunion Details

Riverview Park and Zoo
Water Street North (Hwy. 28)
Peterborough, Ontario
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What to bring:
. the Family!
. a picnic lunch
. family trees
. old photos and documents
. lawn chairs!
. balls, bats, frisbees, etc.
. swimming, boating, fishing equipment (with license)

Who should come:

We are eager to meet anyone who has a DELONG somewhere in his or her family tree. It is not necessary to have DELONG as your last name. Perhaps your grandmother or great-grandmother was a DELONG. If so, please join us; you may find out more about your family and help others do the same. Everyone is encouraged to bring some information to share, to mingle and to have a pleasant day.


Local Links in the Peterborough Area are at the bottom of this page.

Please pass copies of this invitation to anyone you know who may be interested in finding out more about the history of the DELONGs in his or her family, or to those who would enjoy spending a day making or renewing family friendships. No admission fee is charged. A contribution box will be available. Photocopies will cost 5 cents each (on the honour system).

If you have information about new additions to families or newly discovered relatives which should be included in our family tree display, or if you would like more information about the DELONG Family Reunion, please write, check the home page, send e-mail or phone:

Dan and Anne DELONG
67 Scugog Street
Bowmanville, Ontario
L1C 3H9

Phone - 1-905-623-6975 (also connected to an answering machine)
E-mail -
Home Page - Click on Anne's picture to access the genealogy section.

About the DELONG Family

The genealogy of the DELONG family has been traced back to the late 1600s, when Arie Fransen de Lange married Rachel Jansen Pier (an immigrant from Amsterdam, Holland) in the Kingston (New York) area. The three sons and seven daughters from their marriage have produced thousands of descendants living all over North America.

After the American Revolution, many members of the DELONG family left the United States and came to Ontario, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Information about these early pioneers is scarce, since there were few government or church records kept at that time.

Other DELONGs came later to take advantage of opportunities to purchase inexpensive farm land. Many of the children of these farming families later migrated to western Canada and the United States as new land opened up.

About Riverview Park:

Riverview Park is situated on the west bank of the Otonabee River, just north of Peterborough and a few miles south of Trent University. As well as a picnic area with shelters, the park has a zoo and a large, recently enlarged, children's playground. Follow Water Street north from Parkhill Road about two miles. The entrance to the park is on the east side of the road, and the picnic area is at the bottom of the hill at the north end of the park.

We will use one of the picnic shelters which has a parking area and large grass area adjacent to it. In case of severe inclement weather, we will make last minute arrangements for an indoor display of genealogy information and for exchanging photocopies. The local number to call for such last minute information is 742-4585 in area code 705 (the Peterborough home of Don and Betty Delong).

Much of the family tree information has been transferred to computer. So, if you wish to get a copy of some PC Compatible text files, bring a 3.5 inch formatted disk.

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tripsml.gifClick on the image for a larger picture.

Born to Reuben and Electa Delong (nee Clarke), supposedly in Pontypool, Manvers Township, Ontario, Canada. Although not clearly shown in this image, the children's eyes were drawn in by hand after printing this photograph in about 1865. In the original print all three have a similar "devilish" gaze. The longer exposure times required by early indoor photography made it impossible to freeze motion, especially that of infants. These youngsters may have been stilled by hidden restraints in order to prevent body motion. Alfred (left) is my great-grandfather. I am Dan Delong, son of Don Delong, son of Melville Delong, who is the son of the lad on the left, Alfred. He died at the age of 64, the same age as his brother, Albert (right). Little is known about Alberta's life, (middle) other than her marriage to Thomas Sharp in Millbrook, Ontario, July 24, 1880, with Frank Watson (her step-father), as witness.