Our reunions serve two main purposes: 1) to bring together long lost or seldom seen relatives. 2) to exchange Delong genealogical information. The environment is informal - a picnic shelter in the Park. The Park contains a zoo, a playground, a bandshell and is located on the banks of the Otonabee River. Bring photos, lawn chairs, documents, and possibly a lunch. A photocopier, scanner and printer will be on hand to aid in the sharing of documents and photos. We can post queries on this web page related to Delong family searches (see below). Send photos as well. Here is the four page, folding, 2011 Invitation as a PDF file (2.5 MB). The Delong Family Newsletter for 2004 as a PDF file (an update for 2011 is not expected). Photos from the 2004 Reunion Picnic and a few more Photos from the 2006 Reunion Picnic (the wet one!). Or, reach way back to the Photos from the 2002 Reunion. Zeoletes B. Delong, born in Port Hope, Ontario on September 3, 1823 - son of Reuben Delong and Sybil Decker - built many homes near Elgin, Wisconsin and St. Charles, where he lived with wife Harriet Peterson. Previous/Back Map and Location: Shelter#2, is adjacent to the beach and the children’s playground (with a water spout). The 2011 Reunion location should provide activities for all age levels. The zoo is popular with both tourists and local citizenry for its variety of animals, kids' playground, picnic facilities, gardens, disc golf, and mini-train tours across the Otonabee River. Here is a current Google Maps location.  [The BLUE object is the Shelter location.] Peterborough, Ontario Sunday, August 10, 2008 Riverview Park and Zoo 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  picnic shelter #2          Close-up map of the Park and Zoo grounds: http://www.puc.org/files/zoo/zfiles/map.html     *       Riverview Park and Zoo main site : http://www.puc.org/files/zoo/zoo.html     *       The City of Peterborough maintains a web site at: http://www.city.peterborough.on.ca/     *       For a wider range of Kawartha links try       http://www.quidnovis.com/  Dan and Anne Delong,  67 Scugog Street,  Bowmanville, Ontario,  Canada,  L1C 3H9     * Phone   -   1-905-623-6975  [cell 1-905-259-6975]     * E-mail  -   dandelong@timetraces.com or annedelong@timetraces.com     * Home Page  -   http://timetraces.ca/delong/     * Sometimes Summer Phone (if all else fails) 1-705-656-2681 Only in the case of severe, inclement weather will the picnic be canceled. it may be possible for us to make last minute arrangements for an indoor display of genealogy information, along with computers, large family charts and the photocopier. Use the numbers above, or, as last resort, call the Peterborough home of Betty Delong  1-705-742-4585 Water Street North (Hwy. 29) Peterborough, Ontario CANADA What to bring:   • the Family!   • a picnic lunch (although a snack bar is on the grounds)   • family trees   • old photos, documents, and heirlooms   • USB Key, computer   • lawn chairs!   • balls, bats, Frisbees, etc.   • camera   • sun hat   • walker, cane (ground is uneven) Who should come: If a DELONG appears anywhere in your family tree we are eager to meet you. Our reunions are informal gatherings that allow anyone with a family connection, from near and far, to become reacquainted, share stories, take photos, and enjoy picnic fare. Delong genealogists may wish to photocopy documents/photos, share computer files and revise the family tree charts. Perhaps your grandmother or great-grandmother was a DELONG. If so, please join us; you may find out more about your family and help others do the same. Everyone is encouraged to bring information to share, to mingle and to have a pleasant day. It is not necessary that DELONG be your last name. Please, bring photo albums, old bibles, documents and heirlooms to the reunion. How You Can Help: Please, pass copies of the invitation to to those who would enjoy making or renewing family friendships, and folks who may be interested in finding out more about the history of the DELONGs. On a few occasions we have published a newsletter. The deciding factor in making a newsletter is whether or not enough new material is donated. So, if you have stories, some photos - anything of interest - send them along by mail or e-mail. Newsletters are re-published on the website. If you have information about new additions to families or newly discovered relatives, who should be included in our family tree display, you may write, phone, send e-mail, or visit the home page of Dan and Anne Delong. (See the box in the right hand column.) Doing so will allow the large family group charts to be updated before the reunion.