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Howard Elliott sent a large box, full of print material related to the Murmansk run, end-of-war, and some Nene Reunions. Digitizing some of Howie's material for inclusion on a website will be an ongoing project. It is here - on the Nene site - and in the Nene K270 Facebook group - that you'll find updates.

The box contained:

I'd really like to get in touch with someone who could give permission for some/all of The Real Cold War be put on our website - for free of course. Chris Tye has died. He never married.

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Norther Light Newsletters Howie Elliott's box full of documents, including almost all issues of Northern Light
1989 USSR Emabssy

Ottawa 1989 - USSR Embassy - Chris Tye founder of North Russia Club, Fern Poirier, Fred Levesque, Don Gregor, Al Turner

Hallfax Point Pleasan Park
Point Pleasant Park, Halifax -  
1st row: Lou Dubroy, Bob ? (a member of the North Russia club and a merchant seaman), Bill Ryan, US Armed Guard, a member of NRC and long career military man, a Company Sargeant Major, Ken Riley, unknown.
2nd row: Hughie Noble - a UK North Russia Club member, Martin Vallee, a US Armed Guard, Signalman, member NRC, ?, ?, Chris Tye, Al Turner, behind Fern Porier, Ron Graham, ?
Winnipeg 1987 Reunion of Nene Winnipeg 1987 Helen and Dewey Barwis Howard Robinson Joe Hoey Don and Betty Delong
1989 Soviet Embassy 1989 Ottawa Soviet Embassy George Roberts Howard Elliott Sam Forsythe Ron Graham
1993 Halifax Reunion of Nene

1993 Halifax Reunion of HMCS Nene - click photo to see names and locations
Jack Fogg, John O'Connor, George Nye, Don Gregor, Sam Forsythe, Dave Johnson, Bob Rotenberg, Howard Elliott, Ross Newitt, Bob Munnings, Hugh Noble,Tom Whitefield, Don McGee, Al Turner, Howard Robinson, Jim Haire, John Inglis, Tom Adams, Fern Poirier,? Joe Hoey, Ron Graham, Vic Coomber, John Kay, ?, Don Delong, Bob Davis, Doug Pye, Ron Hedgecock.

1989 Siviet Embassy Ottawa 1989 Soviet Embassy Bruce Booth (reaching)