Nene K270

The Cook's Recipe Manual

for Navy, Army, Air Force, Munitions Plants, Camps and Schools

300 Standard Recipes based on 100 Servings for Experienced and Inexperienced Cooks

Published in 1943 by Ryerson Press

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This book is water-stained, having been rescued from a basement after the 2004 Peterborough Flood. It belonged the the late Bernie (Bernard) Greenlaw, an army cook, who met his wife while stationed in Holland. His youngest daughter printed some of her first words in a few blank areas. Bernie also added notes about the number of ounces of rations allotted to each man per day (see back of Meat section blue divider - page 36).

Some facts and speculations:

- co-authors include the Chef of the Georgian Room at the T. Eaton Company, the Superintendent of Hart House's Great Hall, and Miss E. Middleton - in charge of Classes for Army Cooks at Central Technical School, Toronto.

- recipes usually contain the fewest ingredients possible, and reflect mainly English heritage tastes, although a few names for dishes stem from other cultures

- ingredients include mainly items that store well, and travel on supply ships well

- in a pinch, substitutions could be made for unavailable ingredients - like milk, eggs, and sugar

- desserts played a large part during mealtime (based on the number of pages devoted to sweets)

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