Nene K270

David Hird is an author of Scottish and wartime history, who has contacted a number of Nene Family members for some of the content in his new book, to be released in June 2010. Visit for the latest information from the publisher's website.

One of the images David Bird wished to include in the book is a painting by Lieutentant Frank Leonard Brooks. This oil painting shows U-Boats and frigates of EG-9 arriving at Loch Eriboll on the 19th of May, 1945 (a total of 15 subs surrendered from Norway). He was unable to find the copyright holder, as required by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

However, anyone may search the site for this item - artifact number 19710261-1094, or just enter 'Eriboll' in the search field: [].

UPDATE: The Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation has redesigned their site in a way that allows zooming-in to view details of the painting, but does not allow copying (without arranging for the exchange of an unknown amount of money).

A photo of this war artist is no longer under copyright. In the background one can make out the lettering for two moored ships: Loc Alvie K428 and Nene K270 (taken 30 May 1945 negative PA-112656).

The personal website for Leonard Brooks is:

Entering 'frigate' yields a number of other paintings of Canadian WWII ships. However, the thumbnails are quite small, as are the images linked from these thumbnails. Enhancing with a photo editor will improve the images greatly.

One way to avoid fee based access to historical images - post your old photos online, giving permission to re-publish in any form. Remember, authors of history do not earn significant royalties from their efforts. Most authors contribute to the historical record from of a sense of duty (as an important social service). Costly royalty charges certainly don't help.

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