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  I enjoyed this site very much. Especially the photo of new arrivals at Cornwallis. Reminded me of my 1st day there September 1952.Thanks again for the trip down memory lane.


  Congratulations on an excellent web site! Our Canadian
W.W.II military personnel must never be forgotten. Lest we forget, lest we forget! We must keep Canadian W.W.II Naval History alive! My late father, John Andrew Murza, served as a Submarine Detector-Asdic Operator, in the River Class Frigate H.M.C.S. CARLPLACE K664. This is where I obtained my interest in Canadian W.W.II Naval History; through conversation with my father concerning his naval service. I wish you the best in your future endeavor!
'Calm Seas and Smooth Sailing'!

Steven Forsythe
Ajax, Ontario


Thank you Dan. Thanks for helping to preserve a very integral part of our history as Canadians. The work you've done here is inspirational and emotionally overwhelming. A fine example of the 'whole' far exceeding the sum of its parts.

Thomas Spowart
Welland, ON

My Royal Canadian Navy: Tom's site re: his time in the Navy during the mid 50s -

  Congratulations on a site that is extremely well researched. It truly conveys the hardships and humour of the RCN's WWII matelots and their outstanding accomplishments. Tom Spowart
Erik Sonntag
Williams Lake, B.C., Canada
  This site is great. And Mr. Delong can you please contact me at the e-mail address I have listed. I have some things you may be interested in.

Jerry Hind
Chatham, Ontario

  What a very nice site, congrats for a job well done. I am researching HMCS Dauphin and would love to have a site like this when I'm done.. Caps off to you.

Randal Willer
West Salem, WI USA

Doug Willer (younger brother to Randy)
Winfield, Illinois

  I can't believe my good fortune at coming across this site. I'm sure some of you know more about my dad, Harold Willer, than I do. I would be grateful to hear anything about him. It's hard to believe that he was a telegrapher. It didn't rub off on me. I remember the haircuts though. The clippers really pulled.
Colin Ashwood
Calgary Alberta Canada
  I enjoyed the history and the stories that I read, my Grandfather was a crewman on the Nene during the war (Fred Rodway). I would like to thank all of the men and women that did there duty in WW2, that insured my freedom today. They rose to the occasion to do what they thought was right. Thank-you Colin.

Kevin Joynt
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

  I recently visited your web site and found it to be a wonderful record of the Nene's history. Petty Officer Walter (Darby) Bond is my wife's Grandfather. I'll be sure to add a few details regarding his life.