Nene K270
War Photos from HMCS Kamloops K176
Nene Crest

These pictures where taken by my uncle, Sim Mitchell. You are welcome to them. All I ask is that if you have any information about him, or know any on who might, can you please share the information with me. He never talked about his service years because of the injuries he received and he as since passed away, so there is no way of finding out any more information. Thank You
Robert Sherwin

Note: Robert found this site through a mention in Stan Zatylny's biography that he served on HMCS Kamloops. It is not known, who the men shown are, where these photos were taken, or when. Sim is short for Simeon. Please, send information about these photos to Robert Sherwin and Dan Delong. There are 19 photos in all.

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Sample thumbnail - on deck, warm day

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