The Canadian War Museum: Ottawa is the location for this new museum, to open in 2005. The web site offers a virtual tour of the planned galleries, based on artists drawings of the exhibit areas.

Maritime Command Museum: -located in eastern Canada in Nova Scotia's port city of Halifax; with a library of over 50,000 volumes, archives, and a permanent collection displaying historical artifacts including model ships, weapons, photos, medals and much more.
The Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: -part of the Nova Scotia Museum, a family of 25 museums.

Canadian Navy of Yesterday and Today:- focus on war ships from WWI and WWII, with links to other Canadian naval sites.

Project Pride: -a course of instruction on naval customs, traditions, history and heritage;- "Customs and Traditions of the Canadian Navy'"; - historical information on Internet; - "A Guide to the Navy" Unfortunately, the Navy canned this great project!!

Commonwealth War Graves Commission: - searchable database for those who died

Canadian Military and Civilian Personnel Records: - We do not accept e-mail inquiries for post-First World War records. Your request must be made in writing, by mail or fax, to the address listed below. If you wish, you can print a copy of our "Application for Military Service Information" form, which can be used to submit your request. The records are kept until 80 years after your birthday.
References to the Nene K270 and River Class Frigates [ white background for newer links ]

RIVER Class frigate:
(Describes and lists all frigates)
These ships were designed primarily to remedy what were considered defects in the Corvette design, such as a lack of range, speed, and sea keeping ability....

ATLANTIC - NOVEMBER 1943: 20th - Frigate "Nene" and Canadian corvettes "Calgary" and "Snowberry" of the 5th EG sink "U-536".

SMITH'S DOCK COMPANY - MIDDLESBROUGH (North-East England)  ... Built ... the frigates 'Fal' - 'Odzani' - 'Plym' - 'Towy' - 'Usk' - the corvettes 'Hadleigh Castle' - the coastal salvage vessels - 'Dispenser' - 'Help' - 'Lifeline' - 'Succour'. 'HMS Nene' frigate (1,370t) - Helped* sink 'U 536' , north of the Azores. 20th November 1943.

U-536 Type IXC/40: Sunk 20 Nov, 1943 in the North Atlantic north-east of the Azores, in position 43.50N, 19.39W, by depth charges from the British frigate HMS Nene and the Canadian corvettes HMCS Snowberry and Calgary. 38 dead and 17 survivors.

TAGGART, Harry Reid, Steward (V­25120) (Click in the 'T' section.)  - Mention in Dispatches - RCNVR - Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 12 December 1942 and London Gazette of 3 December 1942. "During an action fought on the surface with an enemy U-Boat, this Rating, who was a member of the after supply party, continued to carry out his duties with conspicuous diligence and devotion under trying and dangerous circumstances."

TAYLOR, James, Lieutenant - Mention in Despatches - RCNVR / HMCS Nene ­ Awarded as per Canada Gazette of 6 January 1945 and London Gazette of 1 January 1945. Home: Montreal, Quebec. "This Officer has served for considerable time in HMC corvettes in the Mid-Ocean escort force. Since becoming Executive Officer of Frigates HMCS New Waterford and HMCS Nene, he has shown such outstanding zeal, energy and cheerfulness that he has, under trying circumstances, made a high contribution to the excellent morale prevailing in those ships." (Copyright: Robert Fisher)

20 November 1943, Sinking of: U-536,Credited to: HMCS Calgary K231, Snowberry, HMS Nene K270, Task: Escort MKS 30, Position: 43-50N 19-39W, Area: North Atlantic
Link to HMCS Calgary web site:

24 February 1944, Sinking of: U-2577,Credited to: HMCS Waskesiu, Task: Escort SC 153, Position: 47-19 N 26-00W, Area: North Atlantic. Some sources credit HMS Nene with sharing in the kill. This ship, however, ultimately classified the contact as non-sub and abandoned the hunt to Waskesiu and for this reason the Admiralty may have deprived it of a share of the credit.

Features River Class Frigate HMCS Hallowell K666 (with 2 photos)


Canadian Engineer in Britain, maker of the British version of Oerlikon gun. Of Swiss Design, the weapon couldn't be obtained from its original source during wartime. Charles Goodeve led the effort to get its manufacture underway in Britain. For the full story, see his memoir. (It was later also made in the USA. This example is on a US vessel.)

Submarine and Naval War Games



Canadian References

Canadian Navy  Official Website of the Canadian Navy.

Naval Officers' Association of Canada
Naval Reserve of Canada The Naval Reserve is a major component of the Canadian Navy. It has a
strength of 4,000 reservists who serve as partners with the Regular Force to safeguard Canada's maritime security.
Peter Wilson's Unofficial Canadian Navy site
Ron Battison's Navy Pages - provides naval links and also sells literature and artifacts

Canadian Naval History Reading Lists - by Marc Milner

Frank Wades homepage : Frank is the author of a Midshipman's War and there are excerpts here from his book and instructions how to order. Lots of great information. : The mission of this web site is to promote the history and heritage of the Canadian Navy by publishing photos and articles that tell the story of the Canadian Navy since 1910.

The Naval Museum of Manitoba : The HMCS CHIPPAWA building is located at 1 Navy Way which is on the corner of Assiniboine Avenue and Navy Way in downtown Winnipeg.
The Naval Museum of Alberta : commemorates the prairie men and women who served; Naval Guns Ships of the RCN Naval Aircraft

Marine Research and Archival Collection : non-profit organization; Archives and Collections Society, P.O. Box 125, Picton, Ontario, K0K 2T0, Canada

HMCS Haida Historic Ship :- take a picture tour of the ship, Ontario, Canada

Salty Dips are the published personal recollections of Canadian sailors both in war and in peace bringing with them a special character which enhances an event seen through the eyes of ‘those who were there’. These recollections of life at sea and ashore are invaluable towards understanding a unique part of
Canada’s history.

A Glimpse of Life Aboard an AMC
Recollections of a Canadian officer serving aboard an Armed Merchant Cruiser in the early years of WWII. by George Goodeve.

On Military Humour: by Douglas W. Harder, extensive list of humorous expressions:
Naval History Tidbits : a monthly chronicle of Canadian Naval History and Traditions

HMCS Iroquois G89 - with some great action photos

HMCS Huron G24 - more action and personal photos

HMCS Nootka R96 - full history

Kenneth Allen: (deceased) - originally from Niagara Falls, Ontario served as AB Seaman in HMCS Algonquin from February 1, 1944 until the end of the war. He was a part of the Murmansk run from Scapa Flow to Russia until June when he was involved in D-Day.

A. R. Elliott: of Camrose, British Columbia was interviewed by the local high school students, along with many other local vets. "I was just an ordinary seaman torpedo man. The main thing was just to do my regular shifts; "watches" as they called them. My battle station was down in the very bottom of the ship where they had the gyro-compass; it was my job to make sure that it didn't wobble around. It's kind of a scary situation because . . ."

A Sailor's Life...My Time in the Canadian Navy : after WWII but with wartime information, sale of momentos


United Kingdom Sources:

The Royal Naval Association : for those who have served in Royal Naval Forces

UK Modern Royal Navy

Public Record Office : for the archives of all the government departments in the United Kingdom
Royal Naval Reserve : to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Naval Reserve
Friends of the Royal Navy : non-official, privately developed websites; various aspects of the past, present and the future Royal Navy.

National Maritime Museum : The largest Maritime Museum in the world. Currently holds details of Nelson's Tour 2002.

Royal Naval Museum HM Naval Base (PP66) : Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO1 3NH, England; Telephone : 023 9272 ; Sailing Navy with section on Horatio Nelson; historic home of the Royal Navy
The Red Duster : aims to preserve the rich history and traditions of the British Merchant Navy; tribute to the men and women who have served in any capacity under the red or blue ensigns.

Chatham Historic Dockyard : Covering some 23,000 square feet, the Museum of the Royal Dockyard is one of the largest single museum galleries in Kent.

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard : Live and breathe our nation's heritage through three of the most important warships ever built. The Mary Rose, HMS Victory and HMS Warrior.
Royal Navy Submarine Museum : Walk on board a real submarine. Discover true tales of heroism and relive a life under the sea.
Royal Marines Museum : The Royal Marines Museum is dedicated to the preservation and presentation of all aspects of Royal Marines history.
Imperial War Museum : The Imperial War Museum is unique in its coverage of conflicts, especially those involving Britain and the Commonwealth.

The Historical Maritime Society : a UK based historical research and re-enactment group recreating the Royal Navy of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries

Warship Photos of the British Royal Navy A to Z : 1880 to 1950s
Naval Photos of  many  HMS ships
Cyberheritage,Plymouth History,Naval and Military History,Victorians and Edwardians,Royal Navy and Submarines : an excellent, although difficult to navigate, growing collection historical photos



A Guide to Maritime History on the Internet : by Peter McCracken; guide to maritime historical resources

Maritime Museums : listing of all the on-line marine museums in North America and the World.
The Naval Historical Foundation: and links to Other Naval History Related Web Sites (American focus)

Lofoten War Museum : Navy: After the Norwegian capitulation in the summer of 1940, the Norwegian naval force who continued the resistance from bases in England, were far from impressive.

The Naval Historical Center : is the official history program of the Department of the Navy. Its lineage dates back to 1800 with the founding of the Navy Department Library by President John Adams.

The United States Naval Shipbuilding Museum : home to USS Salem CA-139, the world's only preserved heavy cruiser.

Naval Videos : Naval Video Time Capsules

Explosion! : tells the story of naval firepower from gunpowder to the Exocet.

More Maritime Disasters of the Second World War : one paragraph for most sinkings and collisions 1939 - 45
Navy History of World War Two (WW2, WWII) : new, very extensive classification of  ships based on dozens of  characteristics

Crypto Machines: - extensive coverage of machines which encrypted and decrypted secret or confidential communications.

Cape Fear ( North Carolina)World War Two Through the Eyes of Our Vets - includes navy

Attack on an Arctic Convoy 1942: - first person account of a 20 hour attack by German aircraft on Murmansk bound convoy.

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