Nene K270

Epilogue (written in 1993)

No war is fought without loss of lives. Canada's navy lost twenty-four ships and nearly 1800 lives. Thirty-one U-boats were destroyed and forty-two surface ships. Canada's convoys escorted 25,000 merchant ships across the Atlantic - 180 million tons of vital trade.

Many of the crew members that served aboard the Nene have died in the intervening years. Wars, civil unrest and revolutions continue to plague the world. Technology has made remarkable advances since the second World War- man has been put on the moon and yet there remains that elusive state we all want to achieve - PEACE !

Our contribution has been small but we hope that we have been able to pass on to our children a sense of being, the importance of love, fellowship and a sense of family - "the Nene Family".

November 11th - Remembrance, a day of memories, filled with the thoughts of yesterday, youth, service at sea and the countless lives of seaman and merchantmen lost in the icy cold of the Atlantic. A sadness fills us.

It wasn't done in vain, there is hope. We reach out, we see the future in the shining faces of the young, the energy to go forward, to make a better world. And we are renewed, through the strength of our families, through the support of our comrades.

Tomorrow brings a new day, new hope, new opportunities.

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