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Biography of Alan Turner - A/B

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March 1945 Photo Nene Lives Book Photo
Extracted from the photo of the Crew of the Nene on deck taken March 1945
Photo from the book "NENE LIVES The Story of H.M.C.S. Nene & her Crew" - 1993

Alan Rodney Turner - Able Seaman
Alan Rodney Turner was born in Vancouver April 13, 1922. He lived in Edmonton and Toronto and joined the navy in 1940 and served until being discharged from the service in 1945, at Victoria, B.C. Al joined the Weather Ship Service in 1946, serving on board the Stonetown for one year. In 1947 he joined the Oak Bay Fire department and three years later joined the RCAF as a firefighter. He was stationed at Clinton, Ontario, Claresholm, Alberta and Winnipeg, where he remustered to Base Transportation due to back injuries incurred while playing sports. Al and Margaret Morrison were married in Victoria, B.C. in 1952. They have three children, Robert, Neil and Joy Ann and seven grandchildren. During Al's term with the RCAF he also served at Goose Bay, Labrador and finally Trenton, where he retired in 1972 at the age of 50. During his period at Goose Bay and Trenton he acted as minor sports convenor. Following his retirement in 1972 Al obtained a position with General Bakeries at their depot in Belleville and retired as manager at age 65. In 1985 Al and Marg thought it would be great to have another family, the Nene Family and were instrumental in organizing the first reunion. Al is an ardent golfer and loves all sports, He enjoys carving and needlepoint work. Marg has been a tireless supporter of the Nene Family, preparing newsletters, writing letters and keeping in touch with all members.


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