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Biography of Harold Willer - Telegrapher and Barber

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March 1945 Photo Nene Lives Book Photo
Extracted from the photo of the Crew of the Nene on deck taken March 1945
Photo from the book "NENE LIVES The Story of H.M.C.S. Nene & her Crew" - 1993

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William Harold Willer is my father! I know little about my father. I do know most people out side the family called him Bill. He was born on Oct. 1st, 1916 in Watford Ontario. He died in New York State on Nov 7th, 1958. I knew that he was a telegrapher in the Royal Canadian Navy in WWII. He was married to Muriel Edith Alice Westgate. The family lived in Windsor during the War. I do have some pre-war pictures of him.

I was 10 when he died. I remember very little. Any information you can give me would be very much appreciated.

Randal L. Willer
W5230 East Point Road
West Salem, WI 54669-9320


P.S. I can't believe my good fortune at coming across this site. I'm sure some of you know more about my dad, Harold Willer, than I do. I would be grateful to hear anything about him. It's hard to believe that he was a telegrapher. It didn't rub off on me. I remember the haircuts though. The clippers really pulled.



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