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Biography of Ed Dillon - O/D

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March 1945 Photo Photo not available
See photos below.
Extracted from the photo of the Crew of the Nene on deck taken March 1945
Photo from the book "NENE LIVES The Story of H.M.C.S. Nene & her Crew" - 1993

Hi, first let me say I think your web site is fantastic. I would like to
enter Edward Dillon's biography. I am married to Eddy's sister Audrey
Dillon. I am including two photos, one taken when he was in the navy and
another, the most recent photo we have. The following is his biography:

Walter McGaw
Burlington, Ontario

Eddy Dillon colour photoAble Seaman
Edward Emmett Dillon
Eddy was born in Montreal on February 26, 1925. He attended D'Arcy McGee High School. Ed joined the navy on August 10, 1943, just short of his eighteenth birthday. After training at H.M.C.S. Cornwallis he was assigned to H.M.C.S. Nene on May 15, 1944 and served on the Nene until the end of hostilities. He was discharged on October 26, 1945. For a short
period he was employed by T. Eaton Company then later employed by Northern Electric where he spent some time on the DEW Line. Ed died on April 24, 1982 in Sherbrooke Quebec at the age of 57.

Eddy Dillon in uniform


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