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Biography of Fern Poirier - L/Stoker

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March 1945 Photo Nene Lives Book Photo
Extracted from the photo of the Crew of the Nene on deck taken March 1945
Photo from the book "NENE LIVES The Story of H.M.C.S. Nene & her Crew" - 1993

Fernand Eugene Poirier - Stoker PO. d May 7, 2010
Fernand Eugene Poirier was born in Hull, Quebec, September 20, 1920. He finished school during the depression and went to work for a number of retail establishments until Canada declared war on Germany in 1939. Fern took a course given by the navy in the Hull Technical High School. The course was a machinist, engineering, drafting and mathematics course. After graduating, he enlisted in the navy on August, 1941. By the end of August Fern was in Halifax, and there, a took a short course on boilers and reciprocating engines. He was drafted to HMCS Valinda, a coal burner. After serving on the Valinda Fern was drafted to HMCS Rosthern, a corvette (K169), serving in the north Atlantic. The ship returned to Shelbourne N.S. for refit and, while there, Fern returned home to Ottawa and married Rita Clavelle in St.Anne church, Ottawa, August 14, 1943. While aboard the Rosthern Fern was drafted back to Halifax for his Mechanical Training Engineer Course and after graduating, as a Stoker Petty Officer, joined HMCS Nene. Fern was discharged from the navy in 1945 and started work for the Ottawa Transportation Commission. He worked there for 37 years, before retiring in 1982. Rita and Fern have two daughters, Louise and Suzanne and four grandchildren.

Fern and Rita Poirier celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on August 14, 2008.

Message from Ken Riley (May 7, 2010) - It is with regret that I must tell you that Fern Poirier has just died. He was 89 years old and led a vigorous active life. He was always helping someone. He will be buried in the Veterans cemetery Beachwood, Ottawa. Funeral arrangements will be delayed for a week as one of  his daughters and family are on holiday in the U.S.

Fernand Eugene Poirier's official biography appeared in the Ottawa Citizen newspaper on May 22, 2010, with further details about his life and family.

[From Ken Riley May 30th 2010] I, along with my son Bob, attended Fern Poirier's funeral at Beechwood Cemetery. The service was held in the Chapel at Beechwood. Fern's ashes were buried in the National Military Cemetery at Beechwood. A eulogy was given by Fern's daughter Suzanne.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay for the internment. There are two burial sections; the Veterans are buried in the section administered by Veterans Affairs on behalf of the Commonwealth Graves Commission, and the National Military Cemetery established in 2002. There are now many markers in the Military Cemetery of those soldiers killed in recent years and the burial of veterans of World II, Korea and other conflicts. A family member may also be buried with the veteran.

We will remember him.

Fern was buried in true military style. There was an honour Guard, a piper and a bugler, at the internment. A very nice service.



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