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Biography of Art Gauthier - Able Seaman - d 1990

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March 1945 Photo Nene Lives Book Photo
Extracted from the photo of the Crew of the Nene on deck taken March 1945
Photo from the book "NENE LIVES The Story of H.M.C.S. Nene & her Crew" - 1993

Arthur Gauthier - Able Seaman
Arthur Gauthier was born on August 20, 1922 in Ottawa. He enlisted in the RCNVR on April 9, 1942 and was discharged April 16, 1945. Art and Shirley Pitt were married on October 20,1943. They had five boys and three girls. Art re-enlisted in the army May 31, 1950 and was discharged from the army in 1970. After being discharged from the army, Art worked at different jobs, and in 1975 he was employed by the City of Ottawa, until he was put on disability at the age of 60. Arthur passed away on 16th April, 1990. He attended the Nene reunions at Belleville, Winnipeg and Ottawa. Arthur became ill and had a succes
sful kidney transplant and lived to enjoy the three reunions he attended.


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