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Nene K270

H.M.C.S. NENE K270 "River" Class Frigate - Shipbuilding took place at the Smith's Dock Company, located at South Bank on Tees, Middleborough, England, which is about thirty miles to the south of Newcastle on Tyne. The order for this ship was made on January 24, 1942, under the 1941 building programme.
The Nene was laid down on June 20, 1942, and launched on September 12, 1942 (The Belleville Reunion booklet claims December 9, 1942). She was commissioned into the Royal Navy on June 4, 1943 (although the Belleville 1985 booklet claims a commission on March 29, 1943 and completion April 8, 1943).

• Displacement: 1370 Tons

Overall Length: 301.5, x 36.5'x
Draft 11.5' For'd and 12.0' Aft (Belleville booklet claims 10 ft. 5 in. and 14 ft. 3 in.)
Engines: Twin screw triple expansion engines 5550 IHP. SHP 6500
Boilers: 2 Admiralty oil fired water tube boilers, 20 knots
Bunkers: 500 tons (Belleville booklet claims 670 tons)
Endurance: 7200 miles at 12 knots, 4500 miles at 20 knots (Belleville booklet claims 7400 miles at 15 knots)
Complement: Up to 140 officers and men

Battle Honours: BISCAY '43; ATLANTIC '43-'44; ARCTIC '44- '45; NORTH SEA '45

     - 2 x single Mark XIX 4" guns on Mark XXIII HA/LA mountings
     - 5 x 20 mm Oerlikons (Canadian, Charles Goodeves instrumental in building this gun) (Oerlikon on Wikipedia)
     - One hedgehog mortar
     - 8 depth charge throwers (150 depth charges) (Belleville booklet claims 2 rails and 4 throwers)
• High Frequency/Direction Finding equipment (Sonar and Radar) [Details about the 276 Radar Set]

An excellent source of information and photos:
[Weapons display at the Naval Museum of Alberta]

Another is the Friends of the Canadian War Museum River Class Frigates page.

Sister Ships:The EG9 (Escort Group 9) task force consisted of five "river" class ships, some of which changed from time to time. Some ships under Canadian command were HMCS's Nene, Monnow, Port Colborne, Saint John, Stormont, and Loc Alvie (Loch class). The Stormont was eventually sold to Aristotle Onassis and after extensive renovations became his luxury yacht, Cristina.

Others built under the same specifications: ODZANI, PLYM, ROTHER, SWALE, TAY, TOWY, WEAR (p.33, Janes Fighting Ships - 1949-50)

Ken Riley describes the hedgehog: "I recall the use of the hedgehogs. There always seemed to be one that just made it over the bow. They were fired in (24) ? lots. I was given to understand that they weren't primed until they hit the water."

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