Summary of Service

HMS CASSANDRA, a destroyer of the ''Ca'' class of 1,710 tons standard displacement, was authorised in the 1941 programme and built and engined by Yarrow and Company Ltd, Scotstoun, Glasgow. She was laid down on 30 January 1943; launched on 29 November 1943; and completed on 28 July 1944.

She was attached to the Home Fleet at Scapa while working up, and with other vessels of the ''C'' class eventually formed the 6th Destroyer Flotilla in that fleet, remaining in this flotilla until after the end of the War in Europe.

On 2 November 1944, CASSANDRA escorted a small and controversial convoy, JW61A. This convoy of 2 liners carried 10,213 Soviet citizens, mainly prisoners of war, for repatriation to the Soviet Union. The convoy arrived in the Kola Inlet on 6 November 1944 and returned to the Clyde (RA61A) on a passage from 11 to 17 November.

On 30 November 1944, the CASSANDRA, with three other destroyers of the 6th Flotilla, left Scapa to cover the passage of the North Russian Convoy JW62 (31 ships), which had left Loch Ewe on the previous day. The Home Fleet operation, ''Acumen'', for this was under the command of Rear-Admiral Rhoderick McGrigor, with his flag in the escort carrier CAMPANIA. Despite
a U-boat concentration off Kola, JW 62, consisting of thirty merchant ships, arrived safely in the Kola Inlet on 7 December and the White Sea portion on 9 December.

The return convoy, RA62 (28 Ships), left the Kola Inlet on 10 December. It was attacked by U--boats and torpedo bomber aircraft, and while no merchant ships were lost or damaged, the CASSANDRA was torpedoed at 0600 on 11 December when about 165 miles north of the Kola Inlet, to which she returned, escorted by the 20th Escort Group, under tow. The torpedo had
blown off her bow forward of ''B'' gun, and the CASSANDRA took no further part in the War. She was brought alongside at Rosta for temporary repairs and the cutting away of the damaged portion, but owing to delays and especially the shortage of steel plate locally it was not until 14 June
1945, that she was able to leave Kola for Rosyth, arriving on the 18th under the escort of the ONSLAUGHT.

The Battle Honour, "Arctic 1944", was awarded to the CASSANDRA.

She left Rosyth on 24 July 1945, for Gibraltar, arriving on the 28th and was paid off there for refit and repairs. Returning to Devonport in December, she was placed in care and maintenance and passed into the Reserve fleet.

In 1960, she completed modernisation at Chatham Dockyard, and on 18 July was commissioned for service on the Far East Station.

Above extracted from mainly MOD records HMS Cassandra returned to Portsmouth in May 1963 and in 1965 she was placed on the disposal list and eventually broken up in 1967.

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